Total Faileo

Well, it has been 24 days since I started the 21 Day Sugar Detox and guess what? I only made it to Day 12. As you see, I didn’t blog that far. I had too many things pulling at me. Mostly pain and depression. Boo. Went to get an EMG today for my mysterious leg pain that my orthopedic doc thought was nerve related. Nope my nerves are fine.  I think I’m feeling deja vu from about 12 years ago.  I do have a “slightly” bulging disc as shown on my MRI. The neurologist I saw told me my pain was most likely related to the FMS. I was surprised. I tend to quickly mention it and move on since my diagnosis forever ago. I guess some people HAVE changed their opinions of it. Nice to know. Maybe I can quit suffering and brushing off my symptoms and get some real help now. The doc today prescribed me Savella, but after reading up on the possible (very likely) side effects  and withdrawal symptoms I think I’ll pass.

Been there. Done that. Never again.

So… maybe it’s time to look further into my food. Maybe there are more things I am eating regularly that are increasing my inflammation.


  • coffee
  • dairy (very little cheese and butter)
  • nightshades
  • sweets (honey, maple syrup, fruit)
  • eggs
  • nuts (mostly just almonds for me)
  • coconut (milk, oil, butter)
  • avocado (please God noooooo!)
  • non-organic produce ( I just get the dirty dozen in organic)

Any thoughts?


Day 5

March 8: Day 5

Playing catch up again. Trying to write everyday is tough. Truthfully, day 5 consisted of more headache and pain but not to the extent of day 4. I am writing this two days later so I obviosly sound way better. Glad the withdrawal part of the detox is over! So, last time I did the detox back in January I never got my initial measurements or weight. I vowed to make sure I did next time I did the detox. Well, guess what? I forgot. Of course that is soooo like me. I swear I am like the most forgetful person ever. Maybe I will get early onset alzheimer’s disease. That is such a terrible thing to say about myself. Anyway, I did weigh myself on Day 2 morning and of course forgot to post it. Duh! I was at 144.6 I think or maybe it was 144.3 whatever, close enough. I wish I had taken pictures or something. Oh well. My hubby says I already look slimmer and I do feel it a little although my pants feel the same. Probably just bloat.

Here’s my food for the day:

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and half an avocado

1/2 Gingerade Kombucha

Lunch: pan fried spaghetti squash with baby bellas, kale, and leftover liver all cooked in clarified butter

1 can sparkling water and a green tipped banana- I was really feeling a sweet tooth coming on and was trying to get rid of it (with no luck)

Dinner: Tacos made with ground lamb in romaine lettuce leaves with avocado and some Franks Red Hot (my hubby and son had cheese on theirs)

Dinner: lamb tacos with avocado

Isn’t my kid cute? Of course he is, he looks just like me. Ha.

I kept feeling like I needed something else. So I made these Cinnamon Coconut Butter Truffles from the Foodlover’s Primal Palate. I love that there are so many 21 DSD friendly recipes out there. I made a half batch but still proceeded to eat ALL of the balls (4). And then I got heartburn. Nice.

I had tickets to go to the Balanced Bites workshop in Allentown, PA for Sunday. Until it got canceled. They did offer tickets for free to the DC event on tomorrow but of course I couldn’t go. I was kind of pissed off. I know there were unforseen circumstances, but WTH? The posts and pics on FB from Paleo Parents and the Foodlovers made it look like it was absolutely fandamtastic.

Day 4

March 7: Day 4

I would have skipped today if I could have. I was just a miserable goat all day.

No breakfast. Coffee with coconut milk. Went to physical therapy. Hurt. I get ASTYM on my hips and thighs for bursitis and inflamed IT bands. I don’t know what you call it. The ASTYM hurts like hell and I am on the verge of tears nearly every time but I know it will help in the long run. I also asked my PT about this leg pain I’m having. It starts in my right side hip area and goes down my thigh. It mostly stops at my knee but sometimes goes down to my foot. She seems to think it is my SI (sacroiliac joint). After showing me where that is on the skeleton, it really makes sense. That’s one spot where it was broken in my accident. I don’t see my orthopedic doc for another week but I will certainly be asking him about that.

Made myself eat a boiled egg when I got home. Just felt like nothing.

Emailed back and forth with my step-daughter about her going gluten free. Super excited about that. I think everyone can benefit from not eating that horrible, inflammation provoking stuff. I tend to get a little over zealous though and I don’t know when is too far in my quest to help the person out. Hopefully I didn’t scare her away.

Drank some bone broth. Fried up a pound of liver. Ate half.

grass fed beef liver

Layed on the couch hurting. Head started hurting REALLY bad. Took some ibruprofen. Went upstairs and layed in bed. Yay for bed and ibruprofen. I did feel a little better. I do think my crapiness had a lot to do with the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I don’t remember getting it this bad last time.

Made chicken and veggie broth with leftover carcass for roasted chicken and veggie bits I had in the freezer from meal prep. I also roasted some spaghetti squash for use later. Made vegetable beef heart soup with bone broth I had in the fridge.  Drank some decaf coffee with coconut milk.

Vegetable beef heart soup

I really wish I could figure out how to post nice recipes like I see on other blogs. Someday I will. I can’t wait for bed.


Day 3

March 6: Day 3

So, today started super early. Alarm was set for 5am but I was wide awake at 330. Today was one of those possible life changing moments in time. I had applied At Richard Stockton College for the Masters in Occupational Therapy program. I, and 50 others, elbowed out the other 550 applicants and today was the last day of interviews. My interview. There was a terrible essay, in which, I’m pretty sure I sucked. However, I am pretty sure I did well in the actual interview. I was the first to be called back while everyone else did their essay. Two women interviewed while I sweated. Wonderful. I really hate how you think of the best answers after the fact. I want to call and change my answers. Any who, I will have a letter by April 1st. I just hope it’s a letter of acceptance. I do not have a back up plan. This is it. Period.

Lets talk about food.

Breakfast: The other day was awesome so the sauteed kale was back. I had eggs, kale, onion and grape tomatoes, and avocado. Cooked in clarified butter. I used the sausage grease last time. mmm

eggs, kale, avocado, yum, coffee

I just happened to be completely exhausted when I got home from my interview. Emotionally and physically. My leg has absolutely been killing me as well. It started really bad Monday after I had to sit, and wait, for over an hour at my orthopedic doc. I was really irritated. I hate when you have to wait so long. Then just when you’re about to say something the doctor comes in and totally redeams himself. I mean, does he really have to be so nice and attentive? I guess that’s a good thing. You know, I am betting the Bikram Yoga I did on Saturday didn’t help either.  It did feel good at the time. I am definitely going back. Sorry, slightly off topic. To say the least, I was tired and my leg hurt. I didn’t want to make lunch.

Here it is. Lunch: liverwurst, a boiled egg, black olives, and Bubbies saurkraut. Yes, it WAS delicious.

It must the the German in me. Liverwurst, Bubbies saurkraut, olives, and an egg

I went to zumba tonight. My son’s school’s PTA puts it on. It’s fun and he likes to go to run around the school like crazy while no teachers are there to yell at him. I didn’t feel like going but he talked me into it. My leg hurt. Tonight was the last night. I need to find some new classes to go to. Like I said it’s fun and the instructor is like 70, no really just in her 60s.

Dinner: Breakfast! Waffles for us. My son and hubby had butter and maple syrup on theirs. I had almond butter on mine. I just didn’t feel like making a topping with the green apple. Waffles were enough work. The recipe I like is from Jen’s Natural Kitchen. It seems to have the nicest texture and is 21 DSD friendly as long as you don’t drown it in sweet syrupy goodness. If you are wondering about the almond butter, I get it at my local Amish Market. They add nothing and grind it on site.

Breakfast for dinner

I wonder if this bad attitude has anything to do with my detox. Hmmm.

I know my pictures suck but that’s okay with me and I’m the only one reading this. So there.

Day 2

March 5: Day 2

Just playing catch up until I get the hang of this thing.

Breakfast: none, I had to fast for bloodwork!

After I had my blood drawn I really needed my coffee. I actually went and bought a can opener, a can of coconut milk and a container to put the leftover in so I could have my coffee. Then, I drove to Starbucks and got a grande Americano. I usually put cinnamon in it but I spaced and walked out the door. It tasted bitter. My mom alsways says that Starbucks intentionally burns their coffee beans so that the consumer cannot tell the difference in good/bad quality. I don’t know, but it tasted like shite. Until I got used to it. Then it was delicious. Oh, nuts. I ate almonds too.

Lunch: Chicken salad made from leftover store bought roasted chicken with homemade mayo, celery seed, salt and pepper and some baby spinich with olive oil (from my hometown) and balsamic. I thought about adding some sliced green olives. And I ate a half an avocado.

Somewhere in between I drank half of a Gingerade Kombucha because that’s all those meanies over at the 21 DSD will allow.

Dinner: Deer loin marinated in olive oil, balsamic, salt, garlic, and pepper with roasted carrot fries

marinated deer loin

I figured the picture thing out. Yay me.

So, about that bloodwork. It’s the first I’ve had done since transitioning to paleo in June of 2012. I am more than curious to see if anything has changed. I have never had any issues though. In fact, two years ago my doctor told me she had never seen cholesterol numbers as good as mine. They could only have improved. My vitamin D levels and iron have always been low though and so I have been taking the Fermented Cod Liver Oil Butter Blend that Diane Sanfillipo from Balanced Bites recommends. So, I am also curious to see if those numbers have improved. I also eat more organ meat and use bone broth in everything that takes broth. On to tomorrow!

There was also some licorice spice tea while I was at Cub Scouts with my son.

Day 1

March 4: Day 1

So, Ive been thinking about this blog thing for a while now. I guess I really don’t think I have that aweful much to say, but I’m sure I’ll think of something. I really wanted a place to put down my thoughts and recipes to be able to share with others. See, we (my husband and I) have been eating paleo since June 2012 and I have come up with all kinds of tasty things. Many are just modified from existing recipes but some are all me (and my honey).

Ok, so like I said we’ve been doing this a while and I feel great for the most part. My digestive issues have all resolved, though it did take six months for my gut to fully heal and not have daily bouts of yuck. I had gone astray quite a bit with sweets over the holidays. I was even not being very strict with corn and rice. I do not have a problem digesting either of these but I knew I feel better without and I crave less sweets if I don’t eat them. So, in January I did my first 21 Day Sugar Detox. It was a success of course. I am an over achiever.

Only a month passed and I already had found myself drinking wine and my beloved Woodchucks more than I should. Plus the corn chips and rice have been sneaking in. Consequently, I decided yesterday that I would hop back on the detox starting today. Woot. Woot.

Here’s the breakdown of my food today:

Coffee with 3, okay 4, spoonfuls of canned coconut milk

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and half an avocado

Coffee with more coconut milk

Lunch: Sausage balls with sauteed kale, onion, and grape tomatoes.

Am I a total idiot?? I have a picture of lunch but I have no clue how to put it on here from my phone!

A big spoonful of coconut cream concentrate

2 mini dills- Claussen pickles are the BEST

Dinner: chicken stir fry over cauliflower mash

And… later.

1/4 can of coconut milk with some cocoa powder and cinnamon

So, this post sat in my drafts for a couple of days. I am just going to post and catch up. 🙂